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Original Photography Institute (OPI)

Original Photography Institute

Original Photography Institute (OPI) Is an innovative venture aimed at promoting the art of photography through a platform for marketing authentic original photography works, as well as through various other technologies.

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The OPI venture originated in Genesis Art Technology Ltd, a tech company specializing in the development of knowledge-intensive security technologies. Genesis uses its extensive accumulated knowledge to develop technologies that will make it possible
to turn photographs into authentic original photography works.

OPI is first and foremost a platform connecting photo artists and collectors. The platform presents collections of authentic original photography works belonging to collectors and artists, and allows collectors and anyone interested, to decorate their home and / or office or enrich their collection with authentic photography works

OPI manages the process of maintaining authenticity and registering ownership of all art works purchased through it, also further to work ownership transfer.

In addition, OPI leverages the technological capabilities of Genesis Art Technology, and develops a digital signature for photography works in blockchain technology - NFT - Non-Fungible Token.

The use of NFT here is not only for dreams of trading virtual jobs as is customary in Crypto trading. It provides proof about the authenticity of the original photography works. The documentation using NFT determines whether the holder of the physical work does
in fact hold an authentic original photography work.


OPI is entrusted with certifying the authenticity
of a photography work
even years after it has been sold