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Original Photography Institute (OPI)

NFT - Non-Fungible Token

NFT is a digital work file (a photography work file in our case) digitally signed
in Blockchain technology similar to Bitcoin, that
cannot be authentically duplicated.

Many are familiar with NFT as a current trend for trading unique digital creations, which
tags them as rare pieces.

Anyone can print the digital work, but the signed file has one single owner.
NFT is thus suitable for collectors who consider crypto as an investment option.

NFT has an additional use,
it can be used as proof of ownership of a physical asset,
and in our case as proof of ownership of an original photography work.

NFT is a state-of-the-art digital method which can be used
for proof of ownership of a photography work.
It can be provided in place or in addition to a certificate of origin.

Whoever owns a signed photography work without also possessing a proof of ownership,
is not actually the owner of an original photography work,
even if the signature appearing on the work is the artist's.

The great advantage of NFT is that not only is it unique but it is also tradable.
You can thus continue to trade in the original authentic photography work
for years without limitation,
and transfer the work origin rights to the new buyer through the NFT.

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