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Original Photography Institute (OPI)

An authentic photography work includes
the artist’s original signature

A certificate of origin, signed by the artist and authenticated by a notary
and by the Apostille stamp of the State of Israel
attached to the photography work.

Is there a way to make a photography work
unique ?

The answer to this crucial question ... which can also be named the "million-dollar question" ...

is yes !

A photography work can be made unique through ...

million dollar

Why, despite all this, are there no photography works at such prices ?

The answer is ... uniqueness!

Every painting is unique and there is no other like it. Although copies of the painting can be made, prints or imitations, these are very distinct from ...


Why do you need an authentic signature of the artist on
a photography work ?

Paintings of great artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and many others sell for millions of dollars, and

the question is often asked - why?
There are many answers to this question ...

Payable for Artists % 0
Payable for Artists % 0

Buyer-Artist trust

Referring to a photography as an original work of art involves a considerable level of
trust between the buyer and the artist.

It is not only a significant financial expense, it is also an investment, and as such it is crucial for the buyer to secure the authenticity and thus the value of the photography work.

To scale up the buyer-artist trust,
it is important that the artist uses
an independent mechanism
to handle and maintain the authenticity of the work.

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